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Joshua Saoumi

SWTC Instructor


Joshua Saoumi

SWTC Coach

Josh is one of our most popular & most loved coaches and one of our resident restringers. He has been coached at SWTC himself since Ryan and Monique took over and his love & passion for tennis has really grown.

Josh is a Tennis NSW qualified coach with the Foundation Coaching course qualification which he completed late last year. He picked up a lot of great coaching tools form that course. He has also gained a lot of his coaching knowledge through watching and being coached by Ryan, Josh is always asking Ryan questions on how things should be taught and gets tips on ways to coach help coach and improve his players. Josh is actively trying to learn & improve not only his players but his own skills. You can find Josh competiting in SWTC BWR competition & Sunday morning Wanganui competition.

Josh has a great nature and is the kind of person that would do anything for you. His personality really helps him click with all his players and they all really enjoy Josh’s tennis lessons. Josh has a huge following at SWTC and you can understand why once you get to know him. If you ever have any questions around restrings 


FAVOURITE PLAYER = Grigor Dimitrov

Joshua Saoumi