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Aleix Garcia

SWTC Instructor


Aleix Garcia

SWTC Coach

Aleix is our resident international coach. Aleix is originally form Spain and has worked there for over 4 years coaching both tennis and padel. Aleix grew up in Spain playing soccer and is able to transfer his soccer skills into the players at SWTC.

Aleix brings his own unique Spanish flavour to the court with every lesson and adds a great dynamic to our SWTC team and point of difference to our tennis coaching. Aleix’s main strengths on court would be the way he teaches great footwork related to tennis while hitting balls, he is able to connect these two very important aspects of tennis together seamlessly. His lessons are always very intense and he positively motivates all his clients!

Aleix has great ideas & big goals for SWTC and we are excited to have him on board for the next 10 years and hopefully many more.



Aleix Garcia